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Our SMC enclosure boxes offer good mechanical strength, good impact strength, and low weight. They are flame retardant and watertight. Upon obtaining approval from the concerned authorities that our SMC material is acceptable on their system, we provide respective contractors and consultants with the models they need. Factories also greatly benefit from our enclosure boxes. Some purchase them directly, including electrical meter factories and companies who carry various electrical products and are interested in adding boxes and distribution boards to their commercial portfolio. Other factories take advantage of our molds, available in a variety of sizes, in order to continue their range.


  • For indoor and outdoor installation
  • UV stabilized
  • No damage while using temperature between -30 C and 120 C
  • Good resistance to heat and fire
  • Impact test 150 kj
  • Insulation resistance between enclosures >5MOhm
  • Excellent resistance to the corrosion
  • IP 65
  • Double isolution class II
  • Dielectric strength >5KV


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