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ELU (Electrical Lighting Universal) is a product development and manufacturing company specialized in providing optimal best-value solutions for electrical and lighting distribution. Based in Hong Kong, ELU has a production facility in Cixi, China. ELU's operations are managed by highly qualified engineers and supervisors,enabling it to produce ISO certified products.

ELU has high quality and safety standards. Our stringent practices have earned us a client base of governmental and industrial clients. Ministries of energy and public utility companies regularly rely on us while electrical consultants and contractors choose ELU as their trusted brand of choice. Our mold designs and compatible components help the industry's factories and companies build their inventories.

Explore our range of masterfully engineered enclosure boxes, low voltage fittings,and medium voltage accessories to locate the device that meets your requirements,or order a custom-made design by contacting your nearest ELU sales office.

Benefit from our extensive experience in direct operations, R&D, production, quality control, customer service, and logistics. Make the most of power distribution today.

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